About Meir

Your Journey is Unique

It was dark. Really dark. The kind of darkness that even when I was literally being basked in the sun’s rays I felt like I was in a dark cave, no light, no love, alone.

This was my overall feeling in 2019.

In 2003, I went to my first therapist at 13 years old and continued with therapy with various professionals and modalities through my 20’s.

Dissociation, compartmentalization, isolation and addiction are just some of the tools that I used, most of the time unconsciously, to survive.

People pleasing, afraid of disappointing others, feeling like a fraud and living a double life were some other challenges I faced and couldn’t seem to overcome.

I share this to express that I know what it feels like to go through the above, to try to control my life , fit in, be liked, to the right thing, feel pain less and overall survive in my existence on this world.

I also know what it feels like to live in integrity, live my truth, express myself honestly, be okay with disappointing others, understand what ‘loving myself’ means and live it.

Today I am not surviving, I am thriving.

There were times when I wanted to take my life, the pain and disconnection from life was so dark, twisted and confusing for me that I wanted out.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t. That the right guides, mentors and friends came to me and where with me to remind me that there’s another way, that there’s hope and if I kept showing up I can get through the dark chapters and fully bask in the light, my light and the light of the world without being afraid of it.

Today I live in my truth with passion and integrity. I believe in God, The Creator, The Divine, of my own understanding and choosing. I continuously put my own work in, daily, so I could keep on learning, growing and ultimately help those who cross my path to better assist in reminding them of what was reminded to me, I am worthy. I am enough. I am holy. I am loved.


Remember Who You Are

Are you ready to meet yourself

For so long I was looking outside myself for the answers and healing and all along it was always inside me.

At the time of my first breathwork I had no idea what to expect. I never heard of it before and so when I entered the room, and laid my body on my yoga mat I was thinking, what am I getting into and how will breathing help me with all that I’ve been going through for so long.

With an open mind and heart I went for it.

My life’s changed.


Today, I am traveling the world facilitating breathwork workshops and retreats when for so long I was traveling the world creating content, films and MCing Bar Mitzvah ( I still do, and breathwork is taking more of my time) Personally, my relationships with my family and friends have flourished and have lots of love and real communication which only grows and deepens with every passing day.

Doin the “work” has illuminated my life for the positive and breathwork has been a major tool I’ve used in the “work”. Now it’s up to you to put in your breath and witness for yourself the incredible shifts that take place in your life.

There’s a lot of ‘I’s in that statement and some may have a knee jerk reaction to naming that as selfish.

Na, Na, Na.

From my experience, when we take the time, a pause, a breath to refill our energy and reconnect to our hearts everyone around us benefits, our friends, family, spouses, children win. Our individual and collective world wins when we align with our highest selves and values and live by them.

One of the deepest modalities and most natural ways I’ve been able to shed away the layers of beliefs that weren’t serving me and connect with the love and sacredness that’s always been inside me was through the breath.