Ahdama Remembrance

  • 20 June 2024 - 23 June 2024


frequently asked questions

Is this for men and women?

The Ahdama Remembrance is for men only. There's deep work that can only happen when men get together in a safe, strong container to explore the inner world of healthy masculinity, brotherhood and build trust with one another.

Where is it located?

Southwest Ranches, FL. On a beautiful property with ample indoor and outdoor space for the work that we will be doing.

How often do you offer this Ahdama Remembrance?

We host these every 3 or so months. They've been held in Florida and we may start hosting them in other states soon.

Do you use or offer any psychedelics medicines on your program?

No. we believe there's a lot that can be done and worked through by staying present, in the body and process what needs to be processed.

How Do I learn more or sign up?

Visit www.Ahdama.com for more info


Meir Kalmanson

Social :
  • Time : 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (America/New_York)
  • Registration Deadline : 19 June 2024 7:00 pm

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