Holotropic Breathwork FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Holotropic breathwork is becoming very popular, and many people have asked me about this method of reaching an altered state of consciousness. As someone who has experienced and led holotropic breathwork sessions, I can explain this practice that expands awareness.

What exactly is holotropic breathwork?

Holotropic breathwork uses fast breathing exercises along with music in a group or 1:1 settings. The word “holotropic” means moving toward wholeness. The goal is to tap into your full inner self and natural healing abilities through this experience.

Is it like regular breathwork or meditation?

While breathing is used, holotropic breathwork is more active and transformative than regular breathing exercises or meditation. The rapid circular breathing creates altered states of consciousness. It can lead to very meaningful psychological and spiritual experiences.

So are you just hyperventilating and getting high?

Not at all! Holotropic breathwork is not about getting high. Although the breathing does change the body and mind, the purpose is not just to reach an altered state. The goal is to access your unconscious mind, work through past traumas and repressed issues, and find inner healing. It’s a tool to touch and be reminded of your personal truth and wisdom.

What kinds of experiences can happen?

Each person’s inner experience is unique, but common occurrences include vivid visions, reliving memories (including birth and past lives), strong emotional releases, energetic releases, mystical experiences beyond the personal self, and important realizations about your life and existence. It can be an intense and profound journey!

Is it dangerous or can I get "stuck" in an altered state?

Having proper guidance and support is important, but holotropic breathwork is a safe and legal way to explore the depths of human consciousness. With skilled guidance, you are helped through any intense psychological or spiritual experiences and to ground yourself afterwards.

I'm interested...how do I try it?

I’d recommend starting with some introductory breathwork classes or workshops to get a feel for it. There are also training programs if you’re ready to go deep. The most important thing is to find a reputable, qualified holotropic breathwork facilitator.

I could share more details, but hopefully this gives you a general understanding! Holotropic breathwork is a powerful way to explore and grow your inner self. If this feels like something you want to pursue, reach out if you wish to book a private, couple or group experience or you can visit meirkay.com or follow me on Instagram: @meirkay